Home Effects Comparison

Home Image Reveal

  • Dynamically reveals more of the background image as you scroll
  • The Categories are displayed flat on the page
  • A grid of icons and text related to company values is displayed
  • Contact details with scrolling image reveal above and below
  • See this effect

Home Static Image

  • Uses a large image
  • About Us text
  • Category images display within portrait cards with an omni-directional drop shadow floating above a gray background
  • A red footer is used with email and social media icons and links
  • See this effect

Home Video Banner

  • Uses a video linked to a YouTube account. The video plays when clicked
  • The product Categories display both landscape and portrait tiles with directional drop shadow, the images zoom in when hovered over
  • A descriptive text area below the category area
  • A gray footer re-uses the store's logo
  • See this effect

A wide variety of Effects can be applied to your store Home page by our Professional Services team. Yours can use different colors, etc.  than these examples. Contact your sales rep or sales@aleyant.com for pricing.